The Mobile App: Settings area includes various settings for Security and Syncing. This guide will outline the details about: 

  • Changing a Passcode; and 
  • enabling TouchID; and 
  • auto-sync settings; and
  • capture log time; and
  • grouping My Flights; and
  • sync issues; and
  • sync account; and 
  • last sync; and 
  • sign out.


Change Passcode
The first time a user logs into the application, they will setup a four digit passcode to access the application without having to enter a username/password each time. If the passcode needs to be updated, the user can do it from the settings page. If TouchID is being utilized, this passcode can still be modified from this page but will not be used to login.

Enable TouchID to unlock Avianis
For TouchID to be utilized to login to Avianis, this setting must be enabled. If TouchID is not setup on the device yet, this setting will not automatically turn it on, but if it has been setup, the login for the app will use TouchID instead of the four digit passcode.

Auto-Sync only when connected
If users only want data to sync to and from the device when a wi-fi signal is found, this must be turned on. Otherwise, the sync could occur while off wi-fi and will utilize 3G/4G data.

Capture Log Time In
Crew members can determine whether they want to enter their times in flight logs in airport local or Zulu time. Zulu is the default selected.

Group Flight Legs by Zulu or Local
Set the ordering of flight legs on the My Flights page by Local or Zulu. When set to Local, the toggle will appear green.

Sync Issues
If a sync issue has occurred, this will display the number of errors and what the errors were to provide to the Avianis support team.

Sync Account
This is utilized to run a full sync down to the device. If the user wants to simply make sure that the most recent trip details are pulled down, this would be overkill. An example where it would be relevant to run a full sync are if new expense categories are added to the customers account and need to get pulled down to the app.

Last Sync:
In Settings the Last Sync Date and Time is available. This refers to the My Flights Sync and the full Account Sync. When swiping down on the My Flights list to sync the primary data is updated. A full Sync Account in Settings is available to update all data. Refer to this guide Mobile App: Syncing the Data to understand more.

Sign Out
This will completely sign the user out of the account they are logged in as. They will be required to enter their Avianis username/password again to access the system. This would also be utilized by users that have multiple login's to Avianis and will need to switch between the two.

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Ref: A-M08

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