There are several pages a trip can be created from. A user can create a trip from the trip search page, from scheduling or directly from an account.

Create from Operations

  1.  Click Operations in the main navigation menu
  2.  Access the Search Tab > Trip Search or Flight Leg Search
  3. Click Create 
  4. Enter the details of the trip
  5. Click Create

Create a Trip from the Scheduling Board

  1. Access Scheduling
  2. Click the triangle in the corner of the date for which the trip will depart

    3. Select the aircraft icon

   4. Enter the details of the trip (the create request screen will default to "Quote Only"         from the scheduling page, change to "Trip Only")

   5. Click Save & Edit to be directed to the newly created trip or Save & Close to save         the trip.

Create a Trip from an Account Record

  1. Access the Account 
  2. Click the activity tab and select Trips
  3. Click "Create"
  4. When you click create, it will take you to the create new trip page. Trip Only will be selected and the account is auto populated in the account drop down. 
  5. Fill in the information for the quote, then click Create

Ref: O-T02

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