To input actuals into a flight log, follow these steps: 

1.) Access the trip. The trip can be accessed from the Trip search page or calendar.

To access from the Trip:
1.) Click Trips on the main menu
2.) Click the paper icon to access from the trip. 

To access from the calendar:
1.) Click on the trip from the calendar
2.) Click edit and then access log directly

An operation's trip stage and leg status defines the logging process. As an example, once a trip stage is changed to completed and the leg status' reflect verified, the times have been inputted and an individual at the operation has audited the inputted times/cycles and cross checked against the flight leg search page and/or mx log report. 

Example of stage and leg status:

2. Input the out, off, on and in, selects the approach (if required), any other essential data and clicks save. 

Example of flight log: 

3.) Access the Duty Time tab and input the crew's duty on and off times for the duty period.

Example of duty entry:

If a flight log has been submitted and a duty record has not been, the partially submitted status is in the trip.

There are several indications throughout the platform that indicate a leg has a log entry:
1.) The check box on the calendar for the leg

2.) Check mark on the flight leg search page

3.) The log submitted indication in the trip

4.) Entry on the mx log report 

Ref: O-T08

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