Access all the details of assigned trips and flight legs through My Flights. This guide outlines:

  • how to access My Flights; and 
  • what the app symbols indicate; and
  • accepting a flight; and 
  • how to view and print a trip sheet.

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Tap on the My Flight section in the main menu. If assigned to the trip in a crew position and the trip is past the 'pending' status the flight leg will display. 


The first set of icons will display red or green depending on if the data has been entered for the leg or not.

  1. The clock icon indicates whether the main log fields have been saved (OUT, OFF, ON and IN).
  2. The T indicates whether a Takeoff has been logged
  3. The L indicates whether a Landing has been logged
  4. The D indicates whether a duty record has been added.

The second set of icons will not change color but they each have a number next to them.

  1. The group of people indicates the passenger count.
  2. The credit card indicates the number of expenses entered by the logged in user.
  3. The filled in circle indicates the number of crew services
  4. The open circle indicates the number of passenger services.


If the operation requires that you accept flights before departing, you can swipe the leg to the left and click the Accept Flight: Yes button. You will then see a green bar display to the left of the leg. Once accepted, the accept flight requirement has been met and the Trip Snapshot > Crew section no longer contains critical flags for each crew member per leg.


Access a specific trip sheet by tapping one leg of the trip. Go to "More."

Then, tap on "Files."

View or download the file.

Ref: A-M05

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