Each user has the option to customize the Dashboard view based on their individual needs. Similarly to the calendar, save various searches for quick and easy access. Other features include Columns Settings, Search, Expand/Collapse Trip Details, Fleet Map, Quick Access to Crew Notifications, Emailing, Service Details, Trip Details and Real-Time Flight Tracking (if subscribed). 

There is one default search, All Aircraft. The Save/Share button allows the user to create, save and share searches with others. To set specific aircraft, search for the tail number in the filter box. Then click Save/Share, name the search (share with others if applicable) and Save. 

Note: Only aircraft selected as Managed in the Trip/Flight Log Preferences section in the Aircraft profile will be available for selection in this drop-down menu.

Easily change Dashboard searches by selecting the name in the drop down.

Dashboard Configuration
Customize the column headers and display on the dashboard through the Dashboard Configurations. Access the gear icon. 

Add columns or remove columns. In this example, the column is set up to display flight legs with a departure within 24 hours, 12 hours and 2 hours. The placement is based on the scheduled time. Once it's the scheduled time, the flight leg transitions to the "In Progress" column. That column cannot be moved. Lastly, this example has one additional column displaying flight legs that have arrived within the last 2 hours. The display of the dashboard is based on the trip ETDs and ETAs.

Filter Flights (Search)
Use the quick filter option to search a specific flight by inputting a tail, trip #, crew name, stage, account name. etc. 

Expand or collapse all flight cards or click on any flight card to temporarily expand to view the details. 

Symbols From Left to Right

Crew Notification
Email a message to the assigned crew members on the flight leg. The recipient receives the details of the message inputted.

View service details associated to the leg such as status, type, airport, date/time, request, vendor and associated expenses.  

Manage Trip
Access the trip details pop-up for an overview, enter the flight log, or input actual times.

Trip Details
Easily access the trip in a new tab.

Fleet Map
Visually see a map of the fleet aircraft by clicking on Fleet Map. 

Functionality on the Fleet Map consists of a map a satellite view, various overlay options, full screen for large monitor viewing, zoom as well as essential details on each flight. Location, tail, last arrival and next departure date and time is visible when clicking on the map pin. Additional tracking features are available with our Flight Following subscription. Review the feature by referring to Flight Following: Tracking and Diversions.

Leg Status Legend
The leg status color legend correlates with the flight leg status or tracking status on the trip. Note: The flight planning engine must be enabled in order to see the tracking status. When enabled the Leg Status will update according to the tracking status of Filed, Enroute and Arrived. 

Each leg's flight log contains a diversion field. This field allows an operation to capture where the aircraft landed in the case of a diversion. 

If a diversion airport is input and is different than the scheduled arrival airport, it will display on the Operations Dashboard indicating there is a mismatch. This is used as a queue for Operations to update the arrival location in the Trip > Overview. 

Ref: O-O02

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