Safari is the default browser for Apple (Mac) products. The following guide is for Safari on all Mac computers (screen caps from OSx10.11.6). To see our guide to clear cache an cookies on a iOS devices (e.g. iPhones and iPads), click here.

How to Clear Cache and Cookies for Safari

1) Open Safari (icon)

Log out of any current Avianis sessions. 

2) Select "Safari" in the upper left corner 

3) Open "Preferences..."

4) Select the "Privacy" tab

5) Click "Manage Website Data..." button

6) Click "Remove All" button

Alternatively, you may select the entries for "" and remove those only.

7) Confirm by clicking "Remove Now" button

8) Click the "Done" button

You should no longer see any 

9) Restart Safari

Refreshing the page may also work, but closing and reopening the entire application is always best.

Other Tips for Safari

  • Do not use a 'Private' browsing window. 

  • Allow 3rd party cookies; this helps ensure our integrations work correctly.

Reference: Apple's Help Article

Ref: A-T13

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