This article will review how to:

  • set a default Regulatory set;

  • apply a Regulatory Set to a trip and/or flight leg; 

  • review the information provided by a Regulatory Set. 

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Go to the Operations > Settings > Configuration page and access the Default Regulatory Set option. (Coming March 2021)


Regulatory sets can be set on the trip or leg level.

Apply to a Trip

Access the trip and click the blue text next to Regulatory Set in the trip header to edit/add. When set on the trip level, all legs are reviewed to comply with all parameters (i.e. limitations, experiences) set in the regulatory set. 

Apply to a Flight Leg 

Applying a regulatory set on the leg level allows operations to differ limitations where needed. This can be useful when a Part 135 trip ends and the last leg does not need to comply with Part 135 regulations. On the overview page, next to each leg is the regulatory and regulatory set options. The leg level regulatory set only needs to be changed if a specific leg needs to comply with different parameters (i.e. Rest, Duty, Flight Time, etc.).

Application Considerations

Regulatory Sets will be checked for the crew members assigned to the flight leg. Adding crew to a trip with the set applied is the only way to check them against it.

When a Regulatory Set is edited, the changes will automatically update to the where the Regulatory Set is applied, however the Trip Feasibility may need to be refreshed. 

Regulatory Set requirements are NOT applied to vendor / contract crew (and will not create an alert or warning) as it is considered that their experience/schedule would not be available with Avianis for the given account. 



The results of the compliance check will display within the Trip Feasibility > Crew Section. Additional setting options are available (Operations > Settings > Configuration), if the "Run Crew Conflict Checks when Added to Trip" option is set to yes, the crew conflicts will display as the crew is added to the trip (be sure to select the regulatory set first).

Ref: C-R04

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