The iOS mobile app is a pilot focused app and provides similar functionality to the web based version when the pilot role is designated. This guide will outline:

  • How to download the mobile app; and
  • provide an overview of the Menu.



Avianis is supported on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Click on the link below to download the app from the App Store.

Once the app is installed and opened, the user will enter their username and click Submit. The password field will display if the username can be tied to an Avianis account. 

Once the password has been entered, click on Sign In. The first time logging in, it will prompt to create a four digit pin code and then verify the code again. This will be utilized to access the app instead of the username/password moving forward unless TouchID is enabled.

Duty Checkin/Out
The Duty CheckIn/CheckOut feature allows a crew member to start their duty period by tapping Check-In. Then, once the duty period is ending, Click to Check-Out. Refer to Duty CheckIn/CheckOut for more details.

My Expenses
Easily add General, Aircraft or Trip expenses through My Expenses. Read more: Mobile App: My Expenses

My Schedule
This area will display if the Pilot and/or Flight Attendant role is designated on the user's profile. This section displays all flight legs the crew member is assigned to in a calendar view. The trip must be active, not locked and past the 'Pending" status for it to show. My Schedule also displays any duty and non duty events, training dates, medical and travel document expiry. Review Mobile App: My Schedule for the full details.

My Profile
The profile contains various crew member profile information. Refer to Mobile App: My Profile for more.

Settings area includes various settings for Security and Syncing. Refer to Mobile App: Settings for details. 

Ref: A-M01

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