This article provides a table of the information that is sent to Wyvern and/or ARG/US when the integration is configured properly and the crew member / aircraft has been activated to sync.

For how to setup the integrations, see the following articles:

Note: A certificate # (ATP or Commercial) is required in Avianis for the data to sync properly. Secondly, Avianis sends the Next Due Medical Date. Wyvern accepts the value and determines whether to set 6 months or 12 months PRIOR based on the pilot's DOB in Wyvern, then calculates the medical check date appropriately. For example, if Next Due is 12/31/2020, Avianis sends to Wyvern, if the pilot is under Age 40, Wyvern calculates 12 months prior to 12/31/2020, which equates to 12/31/2019 and that would be their medical check date. If Wyvern has a Medical Check Date after what they are calculated based on the Next Due Avianis is sending, they will not update the Medical Check Date. 



A check mark indicates that information is sent from Avianis to the integration. 

Ref: I-W03

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