To register and create a new account follow these easy steps while you're coordinating the first service through Flight Bridge.

  1. Access any future trip where you need to arrange a new service (catering, ground trans., lodging, fuel, etc.).

  2. Click on the Flight Bridge area in a trip, select a flight leg from the drop down and the service you're attempting to arrange (you don't have to actually follow through with arranging a service at this time!). 

    3. Click "Existing Customer" and input your 3-letter code provided by Flight Bridge or "Register New Account."

    4. Complete the required fields.

Once your account is created, you can set up the email address where your operation wants to receive confirmations. This is added in the Setup tab directly in Flight Bridge. A group email address can be added under contact email and that is where confirmations will be sent. 

Ref: I-F08

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