The General section of Global Settings is comprised of several items that are required to maximize the use of the platform throughout all departments of the organization. 

Address Types
Create various address types to tie to addresses. For example, APIS, home, Aspen home, Florida home, business, etc. These types associate to the addresses in the contact record. 

Avionics Types
Create specific avionics types an operation needs to track on the qualification level. For example, Garmin, FANS, etc. Designate the avionics type on the aircraft profile and the qualification item to fully track currency and set the application up to flag accordingly. Check out tie qual items to airport, avionics and accounts.

Certificate Types
Create a list of certificate types such as ARGUS, Wyvern, ISBAO, etc. These certificate types can be associated to vendors allowing an operation to fully manage vendor credentials. 

Crew Equipment Types
Add various types of equipment types such as iPad, Uniform, Epaulets, etc. This is connected to the Employment section of the personnel profile and allows an operation to easily manage the issuing and returning of personnel's items. 

Duty Categories

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Duty Categories

  2. Click the "Create New " button

  3. Enter the name and description (optional) and click "Save"

Email Defaults 

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Email Defaults

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Select whether to track individual sends or not. If tracked is set to yes, the email tracking in Snapshot & Tools allows the user to track the emails. If tracked is not selected, it will allow the user to add CC, BCC and select a contact from the account. Additionally, if tracked is set to no, all recipients can see all recipients included in the message (other than BCC). 

  4. Select the report type to setup the email message for

  5. [Optional] Select the default reply to email address. When the email is sent out, if the recipient replies to the email, it will come back to this address instead of the users email that sent it.

  6. [Optional] Select the default from email address. When the email is sent, the recipient will see the default from email address. 

  7. [Optional] Add a default subject line. If you click the drop down to the left of the field you can click any of the dynamic placeholders to add them to the subject line.

  8. Enter the default email message.

  9. Click "Create".

Event Containers

Event containers are a way to customize the various categories of activities crew members are assigned to for viewing on the calendar. 

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Event Containers

  2. Click "Add New"

  3. Enter the container name (ex. Crew Vacation, HDO, etc) and click "Save"

Once these event containers are created, they can be added to the aircraft schedule under the filters section


  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Groups

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Enter relevant information including which users to tie to the group and click "Create"

Once groups are created, select them when sending messages in Avianis and everyone in the group will be notified.


Create a custom location the operation may fly into.

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Locations in the main navigation

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Enter all applicable information and click "Save"Note: Latitude and longitude must be in decimal form. 

    4. When entering itineraries into Avianis, the locations will be available to select just         like any other airport.

Note Categories

A user is able to create note categories in order to better organize the various notes that are added to records throughout the system. The selected "Related To" option in drop-down area will designate what area the note is available in. If All Record Types are set, then the Note Category is an option for all the record types that contains Notes.

To create a Note Category 

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Note Categories

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Enter the Name of the Category

  4. Select from the drop down menu what record type the Category is related to 

Tag Categories and Tags

A user is able to create tags to sort, organize and flag. Records such as aircraft, personnel, accounts, contacts, leads, trips, quotes, etc. are all areas where the user is able to search by tags. For example, create a tag category called Amenities. Create a tag called WiFi Enabled, then tag the aircraft WiFi Enabled. Search for, save searches and automatically add a Wi-Fi fee when quoting the tagged aircraft. To create a tag category and tags go to Global Settings > General > Tag Categories/Tags. 

Search by a Tag

Task Types and Task Templates

For a step by step guide on how to configure tasks and task lists see Configure Task Types and Task Lists

Set up default tax rates

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > General > Taxes

  2. Select the preferred default tax rate (passenger or cargo)

  3. Enter applicable tax rates for the selected default tax rate and click "Save"If "Default" is selected in the aircraft profile, these rates will apply when quoting.

Ref: G-G04

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