There are two types of licenses available: Business License and Flight Crew License

Note: A user with the Admin and Ops Manager role can create, access, and edit user roles on personnel profiles accordingly. A Chief Pilot and Crew Record user role can create personnel. Roles must be set by the Admin or Ops Manager.

In each personnel's profile Custom Scheduler Settings can be set. The options to set are aircraft and personnel. To customize a personnel's calendar visibility see Calendar Visibility Settings.

The Business User license offers the following roles:

A Business User can be given access to Reporting and Quickbooks Online by selecting those options.

The Flight Crew license offers the following roles:

Access based on user role:

Trip Positions

Trip positions are available to be assigned in trips and trip tasks.

  1. Sales Rep

  2. Flight Coordinator

  3. Flight Planner

  4. Operations Rep

  5. Sourcing Agent

  6. MX on call

The user must have the role of “Sales & Scheduling Agent” selected within their personnel profile for their name to appear as a selection in the trip positions drop down with the exception of MX on call which requires MX Technician box to be checked.

The trip positions can be added to trip task templates.

Change License Type
To change a user's license type access the personnel profile. Select the license type in the drop down and click Change License. Press F5 to refresh and select the applicable role.

To learn about Custom Aircraft Roles, check out this guide.

Ref: G-G01

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