This guide covers how to set the purpose for all passengers or select passengers on select legs of a trip. See also: 

Set Purpose for All Passengers on All Legs

When passengers are added to the manifest, the purpose for all legs can be set within the "Pax" tab. 

  1. Access the "Pax" tab within a trip
  2. Select the purpose in the drop down for all legs

3. [Optional] Enter description
4. [Optional] Select responsible party. All leg boxes default as checked. If the responsible party isn't for all legs, remove the check on the legs that don't apply.
5. Click "Save." 

Once saved, the passengers purpose will be listed along with a description. The responsible party is listed as "host" under each passenger's name. 

Set Purpose for a Specific Passenger (for All Legs or Per Leg)

  1. Select the applicable passenger. The "Assign to All Legs" box will be checked. 
  2. Select the purpose from the drop down and click "Add to Trip".

3. To assign to specific legs, deselect the "Assign to All Legs" box and deselect the non-applicable legs.
4. Select the purpose type from the drop down and click "Add to Trip." 

Ref: O-T28

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