Add Existing Contacts to Manifest 

  1. Go to the trip you want to add passengers to
  2. Click on the "Pax" tab. There are three drop downs you can add passengers from Account Contacts: This drop down will list all contacts associated to the account(s) of the trip. All Contacts: This drop down contains all contacts within the database. The user must begin typing the name in the field to bring back results. Personnel Contacts: This drop down contains all personnel members from the organization that have been added to the database. 

3. When adding an existing contact as a passenger, click the applicable drop down and select the contact

4. Deselect the "Assign to All Legs" box if you need to designate individual leg
5. Click "Add to Trip" 

Note: Designate whether a leg is "Empty." Once selected and adding passengers to the trip, they will not be added to any legs designated as empty.

Add New Contacts to Manifest 

  1. Access the pax tab in the trip
  2. Click on "New Contact"

3. Enter information for all relevant fields (make sure you select an account) and click "Create." The contact will be added to the manifest and to the account you specified.

Deselect the "Assign to All Legs" box to have the option to assign contacts to individual legs. Click the green plus to continue creating new contacts in the account and adding to the trip.

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Ref: O-T21

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