Deals allow an operation to track sales opportunities. Deals can be associated to a specific quote for detailed opportunity tracking such as stage of the deal, where the deal came from (lead source), expected close date, amount of potential deal and any applicable campaign codes. This guide will outline associating a quote to a deal. 

Create deal from a quote

  1. Create a quote

  2. Click on the "Create" button in the Deal widget 

    3. A new deal is now associated to the quote
    4. Make changes to various items within the deal such as the stage, lead source,               sales rep, etc.
    5. Designate whether the deal is open, won, lost or cancelled for tacking purposes

Multiple quotes can be tied to a deal

  1. Copy existing quote that already has a deal associated to it

     2. Change applicable fields on the copied quote. A great example of this is when a customer requests the same itinerary in three different aircraft. The deal allows an operation to designate whether the quoting opportunity was won, lost or cancelled. If won, the entire deal is designated won. If lost, a deal status reason list is customizable by the operation and reasons can be specified why the                   opportunity was lost. Go to My Company > Global Settings > CRM > Deal Status          Reasons to customize the list of deal status reasons.

The new quote that is generated will automatically be linked to the same deal. 

Ref: S-D01

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