The Quick Start Guide: Crew Records is here to help create training programs, qualifications affiliated to the training programs and associate personnel to the appropriate programs for easy record keeping and crew compliance checks. It will also cover how to input training dates and upload training documents. 

Steps to create non-aircraft specific and aircraft specific training programs: 

  1. Go to Crew Records on the main menu, then programs
  2. Click Create
  3. Name the program. For example, General Pilot Training program. 
  4. Do not select a pilot position unless the qualification items for this program are crew position (PIC/SIC) specific 
  5. Be sure to check the Trip Compliance check box. That provides the results of the crew currency checks in the Trip Snapshot > Crew section.

     6. Click "Create"
     7. Click the name of the program to add all qualification items and personnel                  applicable to the General Pilot Training program. Examples include: Basic                      Indoctrination, Non-specific 135.293, Drug Test, etc. 

     Check out Add Qualification Items and Personnel to a Program for a deeper                  explanation on the qualification item setting options. 

     8. Next, associate applicable personnel. Tab to the personnel tab and select the            personnel in the drop down. 

      9. Create Aircraft Specific Training Programs for PIC and SIC positions. Note: a                 qualified PIC does not need to be part of the SIC program. In a trip when PIC                 qualified, they are an option to crew as SIC.
      10. Select a crew position. In this example, the position is PIC.
      11.  Associate the aircraft type with the program type rating
      12. Add all qualification items pertaining to the Aircraft Type Rating Specific PIC                  Training program and associate the personnel. For example, 135.299, 135.297,              135.293(a)2-3,(b). 

Note: Each aircraft type should have a position specific program for both positions that apply (PIC/SIC).

Input last completed and upload training docs

Once all programs are created, qualification items are included and personnel are selected, begin to enter last completed dates and upload training documentation. There are three locations to enter dates and training documents. Once inputted in one area, it applies to all. 

Training Program: Remain in the training program on the personnel tab and click edit next to the personnel. Input the last completed and watch the next due auto-calculate. If grace eligible is set up on the item, dates will auto-populate. Click the docs icon to upload a training document from your machine. 

Personnel Profile: Access the personnel profile through My Company > Personnel. Then tab to Qualifications.  

Crew Records > Qualifications: Access Crew Records through the main menu and Qualifications. All personnel's qualifications items are listed here.   

Helpful Hints: Each aircraft profile contains a direct assignment section. Direct assigning can replace program association (in the case of a 91 personnel that compliance does not need to be tracked) or it can be an additional crew record management option. When direct assignments are created and a position is designated, the personnel is an option to crew on the aircraft in the selected position. For example, Kurt Earhart is directly assigned to tail # XXCITA10 as a PIC, he is available as a PIC and SIC for the XXCITA10. The added benefit of direct assigning is crew currency information (if setup) is provided in the Quote Snapshot > Crew section for the sales team.  

Ref: G-G11

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