1. On the main menu, go to quotes
  2. Click create
  3. Select the account, contact and aircraft. When selecting the aircraft, there is a managed, vendor and generic list. Managed refers to the operations fleet. Vendor tails refer to active aircraft in charter operator vendor types and generic aircraft are provided from the Avianis database. Generic profiles contain basic aircraft data points, performance data and flight time configurations including cruise speed, cruising altitude, and fuel stop thresholds
  4. Input itinerary details and click create.

Note: Generic profiles allow a user to quickly quote various aircraft types before a specific tail number is secured. If a quote is created from a generic profile, a new generic record is automatically added to the operators generic profile list located in My Company > Global Settings > Quotes > Generic Profiles. This allows an operation to add additional details to the aircraft type. 

If quoting a generic aircraft, once a specific tail number is secured, create the tail number within the charter operator vendor record. Book the generic aircraft quote into a trip, then select the specific tail number. See Add a Vendor Aircraft for the detailed vendor aircraft create process. 

    5. If the calculation method is not set to fixed, change the calculation method to                fixed. This allows the user to easily input the price once the quote is created in             the cost field within a leg.

Note: When a generic aircraft is used on a quote, if the user changes the calculation method and/or the rates on the quote, it will update the default in the generic aircraft profile based on that. That being said, if the calculation method is set to Fixed on the quote, any subsequent quotes you create with that generic tail will have Fixed as the default. 

     6. There are two options for entering the total price. Option 1 is to click into any leg          and input the total price into the cost field. Inputting it into a leg will refer to the             quote type (retail or wholesale) for tax application.

Option 2 is to add a line item. Be sure to designate if FET applies. 

If the quote type is set to retail, applicable taxes will be applied to the price. If the quote type is set to wholesale, no tax will be applied

Note: Once the quote is created, you can edit the aircraft profile information by clicking the info icon next to the tail number and click Go To Profile. 

Ref: S-Q05

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