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  • How to add/remove crew members to a trip



Once the trip has been accessed the user can proceed to the Crew tab or select the "Add Crew" button within a specific leg.

Next, select the position of the crew member

NOTE: Additional positions are available such as Flight Engineer, Medical, and CSR. No crew legality checks are run for the additional positions.

Another drop-down will appear which will allow the user to select a qualified crew member for that aircraft type and position. Headers are present to define each group of crew types available. The headers are indicative of where the crew comes from: Type Assigned, Directly Assigned, Account Contact, and Vendor Contact.

If the user wants to apply the crew member to all legs of the trip, select the "Assign to all Legs" option prior to clicking "Add". Crew members can also be assigned leg by leg by deselecting the check box and designating the legs the crew member needs to be assigned to.

Once assigned, the crew member will display on the overview tab for each leg. By clicking the name of the crew member in the leg will redirect the user back to the crew tab and expand the leg automatically.



To remove a crew member from a trip proceed to the Crew tab and click the red minus button.

The application will then ask the user to confirm the removal of the crew member from the leg or the entire trip.

Ref: O-T19

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