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  • How to customize the Aircraft Calendar

  • Accessing and personalizing user profiles

  • Change username and reset password


Each user has the ability to customize their own calendar views. There are two calendar views - Aircraft and Crew.

  1. In the main navigation, go to "Scheduling".

  2. Click "Filters". Select the applicable filters and click "Reload Schedule." In order for all users to view the same information on the aircraft and crew calendar, you must communicate what items to select.

The filter options are for aircraft, event containers, stages and tags. The aircraft filters allow the user to show all aircraft, select by an aircraft type the organization operates, select a specific tail # or filter by regulatory type. The displayed order of the selected items are defined by which item is selected first, second, third, etc.

Here are some filter examples:

The crew view filters crew members by the aircraft program they're associated to or by the personnel's name. Additionally, it filters trip stages. Event Containers and stages are tailored to each organization's needs. Refer to this guide to learn how to setup Event Containers.

Check out the Getting Started: Calendar guide for a detailed explanation on all calendar features and functionality.


The Admin, Ops Manager, Scheduling Manager, and Chief Pilot of the organization may access and edit a users profile. The user is able to access and edit their own profile.

Go to My Company > Personnel in the main navigation

Click on the name of the Personnel Member whose profile needs to be accessed

For a user to access their own profile, click on their profile picture in the top right hand corner of the application and select "My Profile".


To access the user profile click on the profile picture in the upper right hand side of the screen.

  • My Profile: takes the user to their personnel profile page

  • Logout: logs the user out of the application entirely.

Once within the "My Profile" section the user can personalize the profile by adding a photo and creating an email signature. The photo will be seen within Avianis and on customized reports if applicable.

To add a photo the user would first need to access their profile. Next, click on the "Choose File" button and select the file in which to upload.

Then click on "Open" and finally "Upload File". The new picture should now display within the Personnel Profile.

Another option is to add in an email signature. This will also be accessed within the users profile in the Signature section. After the email signature has been properly added click "Save".

This signature will be displayed whenever the user is emailing from the Avianis application.


To change a username the user will need to access the personnel profile by click on their picture in the top right hand corner.

Once in the profile click on the Username/Email hyperlink and the system will prompt for the new email address. After confirming the new username/email click "Change Username". This will log you out and require that you login with your new credentials.

In order to update the user's password within the profile click on the "Reset Password" button. An email will be sent to that user with a link to reset their password. The user will have 30 minutes to reset.

Once the email is receiving the user will then click the link within the email, enter their username and password twice. Once all fields have been inputted properly select "Change Password".

If you close Avianis without properly logging out and then go back to it within a period of time, clicking the "Stay signed in" button it will keep you logged in.

Ref: G-G09

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