Users for Approving Expenses: Names of those users with permissions to approve expenses < or > the amount limit set. If multiple users are selected, the report will need to be approved by each person in the list, in that order.

Note: Each person selected to approve an expense report must have an Override Expense Approval user in their personnel profile.

Override Expense Approval User
To set a personnel as an expense approval user for another personnel member, access the personnel profile that requires the personnel to approve. 

In the event that the employee submitting the expense report is also the approval user for the applicable report policy, then the name selected in this field is the person who is next in line to approve the report.

Custom Roles
Custom roles can be assigned to aircraft in order to more easily manage the approval users for policies. In this case, create a custom role within an aircraft record, then tie that role to the policy as the approval user. All personnel who are assigned the custom role for the aircraft associated with the expense will be notified of any new expense reports and will have the opportunity to approve or reject them.

Here is an example of an aircraft policy that contains a custom role expense approver: 

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