When policies are created and a user creates expenses, Avianis will first look for a trip policies. If none exists, it will then look for an aircraft policies. Lastly, Avianis will check expenses against the Company Policy. It is advised to set up a Company Policy, at a minimum.

The Company Policy is created in Finance > Expenses > Expense Policies 

Note: Only one Company Policy can be created and is a general policy for expenses that are not tied to an aircraft or a trip.

Here is an example of a company policy: 

Receipt Limit: The amount at which a receipt must be provided
Amount Limit: The amount at which the approval process is initiated
Expense Categories: Those selected will become what the crewmember has available to select when creating an expense report of that type (in this case, a ‘general’ expense report).
Users for Approving Expenses: Set a personnel or custom role that can approve another personnel's expense report. More details are here

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