The following guide will explain how to:

Check-In and Out for Duty
Accept a Flight
View/Print Trip Sheet
Expenses: Non-Trip Related 

Check-In and Out for Duty
Easily check in and out for duty. Whether a trip related duty activity or administrative duty, the mobile app offers a duty check-in and check-out button. Once checked out, a duty event is created in the application. 

  1. Access the Duty CheckIn/Out section

     2. Tap "Click to Check-In. The clock then starts. 

3. At the end of the duty assignment, input the activity type and "click to check-out."

Accept a Flight
If your operation requires that you accept flights before departing, you can swipe the leg to the left and click the Accept Flight: Yes button. You will then see a green bar display to the left of the leg. Once accepted, the accept flight requirement has been met and the Trip Snapshot > Crew section no longer contains critical flags for each crew member per leg. 

View/Print Trip Sheet
Access a specific trip sheet by tapping one leg of the trip. Go to "More."

Then, tap on "files." 

View or download the file.

Input a Non-Trip Related Expense
Expenses that occur, but are not related to a trip can be inputted through the My Expenses section. For example, training expenses, aircraft specific expenses, etc. 

  1. Access My Expenses

2. Tap the + button at the top right
3. Select whether the expense is a General or Aircraft type
4. Input the details of the expense and save by tapping the check mark. 

Helpful Tip: Upload a document, image, etc. to the expense by tapping the camera icon at the top right hand side. Choose Camera to take an image at that time or Choose from Gallery to upload an existing file. 

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