It is not necessary to baseline the Hobbs Meter for the airframe. It is required to enter baseline hobbs times for engine times in the aircraft profile. The airframe baseline hobbs field is utilized to adjust the overall Hobbs total if a new Hobbs meter was added to the aircraft after Hobbs time was already being documented in our system. That being said, if you do not have a new Hobbs meter, you would leave the Baseline Hobbs as 0.

Logging Hobbs time in the Flight Log

  1. Access the aircraft profile to enable the hobb start and end field in the flight log.
  2. Under Trip/Flight Log Preferences, check the box for Use Hobbs Meter.

     3. Once the Use Hobbs Meter box is checked, Hobbs start and end fields are                    available to record times in the Flight Log.

     4. Once the engine contains baseline hobbs times, begin logging each leg post-              flight.
     5. Each trip's log page will display the total hours/cycles for air frame and engines            as well as hobbs.

Engine hobbs times are cumulative, which is why the baseline times must be entered before times are entered into the flight log. For example, considering the example above, if engine baseline times were not entered, meaning the starting point is 0, Engine 1 and Engine 2 Hobbs would show as 6 hours when the actual current hobbs time is 5,006. Airframe is not cumulative, total hobbs is the greatest hobbs value entered into a log.

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