1. Access Scheduling on the Main Navigation
  2. Go to the Aircraft or Crew calendar view
  3. Either click "Add Event" or click a triangle on the calendar

3. Enter relevant information and click "Save 

Note: When selecting "Per Diem Eligible," the event will factor into customized reporting options. Additionally. set the per diem rate in the personnel profile > employment tab. When selecting "Return to Home base" it will designate if a personnel event will return the user to their home base. This allows you to track and report on amount of days user is away from home base.

Event Types:
Duty Time: These types of events are looked at and flags if there is a duty time issue. This does not flag in the trip snapshot on an overlap.
General: This event type does not flag in the trip snapshot.
Out of the Office (Unavailable): This event type is factored into the trip snapshot flags.
Hard Day Off (Unavailable): This event type is factored into the trip snapshot flags. 

Helpful Hints: 

  • Required fields: subject, event type, container or aircraft and personnel. 
  • Events for personnel are considered at the trip level when crewing. The trip snapshot > crew section will display schedule conflicts.
  • Associating an event to an aircraft while a trip is scheduled during the same date/time range does not prompt a flag at the trip level. 
  • Personnel events require an event container OR a tail # when you save the event form. It is not required to enter both, that will place it on the calendar two times (if you have that event container set to display).
  • The duty/event category allows further categorization of events. For example, it's a duty event that needs to be categorized as training. This will allow for more granularity when reporting on personnel events. These categories can be customized in Global Settings > General > Duty/Event Categories. 

Use the "Show Crew" option on the aircraft resource to show the various events on the calendar for quick and easy crewing.

In order for the regulatory set compliant item "13 hard days off in a quarter" to calculate properly, event type "Hard Day Off" must be selected. 

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