Add Qualification Items To A Program

Each program can contain any number of qualification items. Within each qualification item are various settings: frequency, regulatory type, position and grace eligibility. 


  1. Access the program to add items to.
  2. Click "Add New."
  3. Enter the Name for Item.
  4. Enter the Description of the Item.
  5. Enter an Airport or Airports if the Qualification is Airport specific.
  6. Enter an Avionics Type if the Qualificiation is Avionics Type specific.
  7. Enter an Account if the Qualification is Account specific.
  8. Check Recurrent if applicable to the Qualification
  9. Check Grace Eligibile if applicable to the Qualification and then enter criteria for early grace and post grace if it applies.

Note: Selecting Airports, Aircraft, Avionics and/or Accounts will check the crew member's qualifications in the trip snapshot for trips that include those specific selected items only. Pre and Post Grace allows for control on how many months to consider for early grace and late grace independently. The number entered is for quantity of months. Example: 2 equals 2 months.

Add Events To A Qualification Item

Events tied to a qualification item allows an operation to check for instrument proficiency. For example, to comply with 135.297 or 61.57, add the required event types and quantities. If the pilot satisfies the requirement by attending training input the training date on the qualification item. If the date is between the last completed and next due, then its satisfied. Conversely, if the pilot satisfies the requirement in the aircraft, input a log book entry with the aircraft type and flight events to adhere to the requirement.
These are checked in the trip snapshot and will flag along with the other crew regulatory checks. Check out how to Add a crew logbook entry

Add Personnel To A Qualification Program

When personnel members are associated to a qualification program, the crew record tracking abilities begin. Once associated, the qualification items within the program will be listed under the personnel's profile > qualifications.


  1. Access the program.
  2. Click on the "Personnel" tab.
  3. Select a personnel member from the "Select Personnel" drop down.
  4. Click "Edit" next to their name once they have been added.
  5. Click "Edit" next to a qualification item.
  6. Enter the last completed and next due (if applicable) dates and click "Save".

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