1. Click the "My Flights" tab in the menu on the left-side of the screen.
  2. Select the applicable "Flight Log" by selecting the ICAO identifier pair under the "Route" column.
  3. In the "Flight Log" select the "Expenses" tab.

4. To create a new expense select "Create."
5. Enter all relevant information in the "Expense Details" section.

6. Optional Mark the expense as reimbursable by selecting the 'Reimbursable' check-box.
7. Optional Itemize the expense by selecting the 'Split Expense into Line Items' check-box.
8. Optional Receipts can be added under the "Documents" section.

9. Select the applicable options for 'Payable to' and 'Paid with.'
10. When finished click create. Please be aware you can always come back in at a later date and add new expenses. 

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