Create a discrepancy within an existing job card or in this example create from the main discrepancy page. 

  1. Go to Maintenance > Discrepancies in the main navigation
  2. Click the "Create" button in the top left corner of the search grid
  3. Select the aircraft, date reported and enter a description of the discrepancy
  4. Select the deferral type from the drop down (MEL, CDL, NEF). If MEL is selected, an additional drop down will show to select the type of MEL (Category A, B, C or D). If NEF or MEL (Category B, C or D) are selected, the deferred until date will be auto-set.
  5. Enter all other relevant deferral information and click "Save".
  6. The deferred item will display on the aircraft schedule and will span from the date reported until the deferred until date. These deferred items will also flag within the quote and trip snapshot if an itinerary conflicts with the deferred until date.

Note: When hours and cycles are inputted, the values factor into the quote and trip snapshot checks. 

Extend a deferred item

If the deferral requires an extension, select the person who extended the item and the date it will be extended until. This date will now be used when displaying calendar events and for conflicts in the trip/quote snapshots.

Document restrictions

  1. Create the applicable restrictions by going to Maintenance > Configuration > Restrictions
  2. Click on the Restrictions checkbox within a deferred discrepancy
  3. Type/select the appropriate restrictions to tie to the item. These restrictions will display on the calendar tool tip and the trip/quote snapshot.
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