The following release notes include a list of identified issues. Each issue has been updated in the 2018: Release 1.


Regulatory Set Display
If a regulatory set was selected on a flight leg and a user manually set the block time for that leg, the regulatory set was displaying “None” on the initial save until a refresh occurred fixing the display issue. This issue has been updated to not require the refresh. 

Aircraft Selection in My Flights (Crew Access)
If a crew member's profile contained custom scheduling settings, the My Flights section still displayed the all fleet aircraft search drop down. It did not provide access to flights they were not assigned to, but caused misunderstanding. The drop down has been updated to only list the tail numbers designated on the custom scheduler settings. 

Flight Leg Search Page
When users used the flight leg search page to filter by Trip Stage is Pending, no results returned. The issue has been resolved and now provides the applicable pending trips. 

Trip/Quote Snapshot > Airport
Certain airports that did not offer customs were not flagging in the trip/quote snapshot on international legs. The display issue has been corrected and airports are flagging properly.


Jet Card Balance
If the balance of a Jet Card was modified after it was initially created, it was not updating in the system to reflect the new balance. It is now factoring in the change after it was created. 

SM Display
If Statute Mile was selected as the calculation method on a quote, the distance for each leg showed SM instead of NM but the actual distance itself was not updating to reflect the correct mileage. This is now updating to show statute miles correctly.

Account Display
When a new account was created from within the new quote/trip page, the account name was not displaying on the new records. This has been corrected to display properly. 

Term Options
Depending on custom term setup, certain users were not able to access the drop down in the terms tab within a quote to change the template. This issue has been resolved and is displaying in all term scenarios. 


Personnel Event Edits
When a qualification item was associated to a personnel event, the personnel event was unable to be edited or removed. This issue has been resolved and events that contain an associated qualification item is able to undergo date/time edits.


File Access
File editing and removing abilities have been corrected and is now including the following roles: Admin, Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Scheduling Manager, Crew Records Manager and Chief Pilot. 

Multiple My Default Searches on Calendar
Certain users were seeing multiple My Default saved searches being automatically created on their schedule view. Additional checks have been put into place to keep this from happening. Users will need to manually remove the extra searches once the release goes live. To do so, follow these steps:
1.) Click on the search in the drop down so it displays on the calendar
2.) Click Filters
3.) Click the Save/Delete button
4.) Click the red Delete button 

Calendar Save Search Overwrite
When utilizing the overwrite function in the Save/Delete for Filters on the calendar it was not saving the filters correctly and was only updating the name of the search. The filters are now saving correctly when the Overwrite functionality is used. 

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