The multi tax section permits operations to create various tax rates. For example, Cargo, Passenger FET, VAT, GST, Special State Tax, etc. The rates can be applied to quote flight charges, quote line items and invoice line items, or across the entire quote at once. 

Setup tax rates

  1. Go to  Finance > Settings > Tax Rates

   2. Click Create New
   3. Input the name and rate and click Create

Note: One default must be selected. When the quote type is retail all taxable items will refer to the default tax rate. If the quote or invoice requires a different rate, manually adjust in the quote or invoice record. Each tax rate created is an option in the drop down.

Note: FET Passenger Segment Fees are set up within the Tax Rates section of Finance

Quote Example

Quote Line Item Example:

Apply Tax Rate Across Quote (flight charges and line items):
To change the tax rate across the entire quote click the Update Tax Rates button and select the new tax rate. Then, the option to apply it to the flight charges and/or the additional charges (line items) is available.

Invoice Example:

Ref: F-F01

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