Fuelerlinx Basics
For non-paying Fuelerlinx customers
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If you do not see the Fuelerlinx section on your main menu, reach out to opsupport@avianis.com to have the module enabled. The integration allows an operation to upload their .csv fuel prices, input ramp/FBO fees, get fuel pricing at the trip level and with a click of a button push the pricing into Avianis, which displays on the trip sheet. This guide will walk you through those features as well as how to connect the two platforms and discuss a few settings. 

Connect Avianis and Fuelerlinx

Note: Fuelerlinx will provide your Fuelerlinx credentials and input them into their platform.

Input your Avianis credentials in Fuelerlinx > Settings > User Profile. The Company Settings in the same Settings Tab allows the user to set the number of days ahead to pull pricing data. 

Additionally, set the information that should push into Avianis in the services tab and reflect on the trip sheet. 

Enable Vendors and Upload Pricing into Fuelerlinx

1. Access the Vendors tab in the main Fuelerlinx platform through Avianis
2. Set the vendor to on

3. Drag and drop .csv file to upload fuel pricing into Fuelerlinx 

Input Ramp/FBO fees
Manually input FBO-specific fees. These fees and/or volume discounts will auto-populate in the services tab when fuel pricing is pushed to the scheduling system for that FBO. 

  1. Access the Ramp Fee tab

  2. Use the search to search for the airport

  3. Click the + button to expand the details of the airport

   4. Select the applicable FBO
   5. Add the applicable fees and "save changes"

Get Fuel Quote and Push Pricing to Avianis 

Enter number of gallons, if known. Enter "1" for pilot discretion.

Click the Dispatch Fuel button and in the popup window, select the option to push to scheduling software only. 

Note: Fuel ordering is not available with the complimentary version of FuelerLinx.

View the quote details in the Services tab of the trip.

Features that are included with Freemium vs Paid versions of Fuelerlinx

Ref: I-F02

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