Input all or partial flight log data at any time throughout the phase of flight. This guide will outline:

  • how to access the flight log; and

  • saving a flight log; and

  • how to know if legs are logged; and

  • how to review the flight times

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  1. Click Operations in the main navigation

  2. Click on Trip or Flight Leg Search

  3. Click on Route

4. Click the paper icon

Aircraft Calendar

  1. Click on the trip from the calendar

  2. Click log

Schedule Board

1. Click on the trip from the Schedule Board

2. Click on the log button

Note: Account Admin, Operations Manager, Scheduling Manager, Chief Pilot, and the Sales & Scheduling Agent role have access to the Log button. The Pilot role has access if crewed on the trip. All other roles do not have access to the Log button from the calendar/schedule board.


Enter the applicable information and click Save. The requirements for a completed flight log are:

  • Out, Off, On and In Date and Time

  • T/O Number, Type, and Crewmember

  • Land Number, Type, and Crewmember

  • Appr, Type, and Crewmember


There are several indications throughout the application that indicate a leg has a flight log entry:

1. The check box on the calendar for the leg

2. Checkmark on the flight leg search page

3. Logged or Partially Logged in the Trip Overview

  • Once all of the OUT, OFF, ON, and IN values have been saved, this text will say, “Logged.”

  • If some, but not all, of the OUT, OFF, ON, and IN values have been saved, then the green text on the flight log will say "Partially Logged.”

  • Once some or all of the OOOI values have been saved AND the duty time entry has NOT been recorded, then the text "Incomplete Duty" will display in red under the Logged status on the trip overview tab


  1. Go to Operations > Reports > Maintenance

  2. Aircraft Log Report

Ref: O-T08

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