2018: Release 3

Avianis Application Update

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The following release notes outline feature enhancements throughout various areas of the application: 

The Finance module within Avianis has been completely revamped. This robust area allows an operation to fully manage the expense report submissions process configuring rules, polices and more!

Ref Number (Flight Log Number)
Crew Briefing Setup
Visa Records
Passport/Visa Association
Permit Details 

Overnight Calculation (Domestic Countries)
Contract Module
Currency Selection

Crew Records
Additional Certificates and Validation

Aircraft Details on Schedule
Restrict Profile 


Here are additional details on each item: 


Expense Entry Process - Whether creating an expense from within a trip or from the My Expenses page, the process has been simplified. Enhancements include: a) not having to save the expense before uploading the receipt when creating from My Expenses and b) default credit cards are automatically selected within expenses when credit card is selected as the payment method.


Ref Number (Flight Log Number) - An additional field is available on each leg's flight log. This field is typically used to capture an external paper flight log number but can be used to capture other internal reference numbers. Any number of values or symbols are accepted.

Crew Briefing Setup
- Set at which stage(s) crew briefing is required (global setting). For example, when disabled for the "Booked" stage, the Schedulers no longer see the Crew Brief requirement in the Snapshot > Crew section if a crew member has not accepted their briefing for a leg. This can reduce the number of insignificant flags in the Snapshot depending on the stage of the trip. In addition, if the crew briefing is enabled for the stage, companies can set it as an Info, Warning or Critical flag in the snapshot to better fit their operational flow/controls. Learn more here.

Visa Records - Designate the number of entries for a personnel and/or passenger visa (Options are: Single, Double or Multiple) as well as the 

Passport/Visa Association - The display of the travel document table has been updated to display both passport and visa numbers to which the records are associated. More insight found here

Permit Details - Additional permit details display within the international > permit table. Details such as type/country and validity are easily visible. Check out the International Planning guide.


Overnight Calculation -
Previously, when a line item was created for overnights with the calculation type of International, the line item would apply to any overnights outside of the home base country of the aircraft. Now, Avianis will first refer to countries listed as Domestic Countries in the aircraft profile. If none specified, it will then take into consideration the domestic country selection(s) on the company level (under My Company > Global Settings > Trip > Setting). 

Contract Module - Setup multiple rates (contracts) on the aircraft profiles and/or the account records. Each contract created on the aircraft profile can encompass owner payback details, which drives the profit percentage in the profit analysis within the quote. Read more at Setup Quote Pricing.


Additional Certificates and Validation - Document multiple certificates in the users profile instead of one of each type. When a new certificate is created, designate the License Type (e.g. Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial, etc) and regulatory agency (e.g. FAA, EASA, etc) as well as the certificate number, issue date and relevant license designations (e.g. Single Engine Land). An additional section captures validations. The fields are Issue Date, Expiration Date, Aircraft Type and Regulatory Agency (Cayman, Bermuda, Isle of Man, etc.) and the possibility to assign the validation to an A/C type of A/C Tail. These validations are for reference only. More details are here.


Aircraft Details on Schedule - The aircraft detail pop up in the aircraft schedule includes the quote pricing (contract) and any tags that are setup on the aircraft profile. Like the current pop up, none of this information can be edited from this view.

Restrict Profile - When restrict profile is selected on a personnel profile, all fields except for the signature box are read-only in the Profile tab including emergency contacts. This also includes certificates, type ratings, preferences, credit cards, tags and the username/email.


Below is the list of bugs resolved in this update: 

3085: Activity Feed Export
3828: Link in Task to Related To
4066: Edit Button on Files
4192: Messages Feature from Cases
4339: BT and FT Display on Trip Search Page
4608: Calendar Tag Display
4893: Relating a File to Multiple Records
5205: Tag Record: Checkbox Selection

4572: Ordering of Expense Categories
4695: Pulling the Discount from Quoted Item
4821: Trip Expenses Total in Invoice
5117: Expense Rounding

3664: Adding Contact on Leg-Level
4422: Contact Search
4491: Designating TBD in Chalkboard
4696: Fuel Field Display on Mobile Device (Web-Based Version)
4766: Manually Changed Flight Time Reverting Back
4840: Changing Taxi Time on Leg
4956: Taxi Time Being Added to Leg
5033: FBO not Auto-Populating
5095: Display of FBO/Handler Vendors in Directory and Trip
5134: Crew Member Briefing Requirement when on Passenger Manifest
5146: FT Miscalculation due to Tail Swap and Airport Change
5181: FBO Details Display in Trip

3608: Average Fuel Cost in Quote
3680: Editing Primary Contact in Quote
3784: Quote Activity Feed Details
3992: Editing of Price Sheets
4976: Turn Time Being Affected when Switching Aircraft in Quote
5049: Profit Analysis Calculations
5106: Calculation Method Flight Time

Crew Records
3659: Editing Qualification Items in Personnel Profile
4313: Deleting Qualification Items from Programs
4910: Alternate Night Currency Field not Saving
4971: Base and Grace Month Changing
5100: Alternate Night Currency
5172: Regulatory Set Copy Button

4370: Next Due Item Display when Related to Hobbs
4430: Mx Discrepancy Display on Calendar
4439: APU Serial # Removal

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