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Flight Crew Personnel Profiles
Flight Crew Personnel Profiles
In this article it will outline the details within each tab of the Personnel Profile.
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In this article it will outline:

  • What each tab in the personnel profile contains

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The profile tab within the personnel record captures essential flight crew information for thorough record keeping. A few key entries are as follow:

  • Requirements for APIS filing are full name, DOB, Address, City of Birth, State of Birth, Country of Birth, Nationality, Residency, and Citizenship.

  • Default Event Timezone: Local, Homebase, and Zulu are the options. The selected timezone will be the default that sets when an event is created for the personnel. When viewing the calendar events set to Local will display in the user's Local time, Homebase will display in the personnel's Homebase Timezone and Zulu will display the event times in Zulu time.


Capture whether a crew member is Full-Time/Part-Time, Hire Date, Termination Date, and more. The Domestic and International Rate refers to an hourly per diem rate and reports on the Per Diem Summary report in Crew Records.


Certificates - Document multiple certificates, selecting the license type (ex: Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial, etc.) and regulatory agency (ex: FAA, EASA) and the certificate number, issue date, and relevant license designation (ex: Single Pilot Land). An additional selection is provided to capture multiple validations on a certificate.

Medicals - Capture detailed medical documents and upload an image of the document directly to the record. Active medicals are available for proactive management through the medical report in Crew Records > Reports > Flight Crew Activity Charts.

Multiple medicals can be added to the crew members' profile by utilizing the Multiple Active Toggle. When adding a new record to the profile the user can opt to either keep all currently active Medicals in their active status or to deactivate all previously active ones.

Aircraft Type Assignments - Crew members' type ratings as well as their duty positions are documented in this section. Information provided here relates to Wyvern and ARGUS interfaces as well.


Input baseline crew times, simulator time, and/or outside flying here. When first implementing Avianis, it is best practice to build the personnel's logbook for detailed reports and the ARGUS/Wyvern interface.

Within the logbook section capture aircraft specific time in type PIC/SIC, PF, PNF, Instrument, Multi-Engine as well as the various flight events like Takeoff and Landings. Once values are inputted and saved, the current column in the crew times tables updates.


Gives the user the ability to manage training records on an individual level. There is also the option to update training dates and upload pertinent training documentation.


Input all applicable travel documents for thorough data capture and easy APIS submission. When inputting a Visa associate the Visa to an active passport, so they display together on the main travel document tab. In addition, track the number of entries the specific visa is good for (options are Single, Double, or Multiple).


This section is used to capture crew preferences such as lodging, ground transportation in this section. When creating services in a trip, click the eyeglass for the details.

Selection in Services > Lodging type:


Input credit card for expense association and reconciliation. See more on adding trip expenses from the pilot's perspective, Mobile App: My Expenses.

Ref: M-P02

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