The following items have been addressed in the application maintenance update:

Follow Email Not Sending 

Crew Records
Unable to Upload Personnel Photo
Active/Inactive Qualification Display within Training Program

Unable to Override Short Leg Fees

Web Based Version My Flights Display Issues
Passenger Designated Responsible Party is Added to Count on Calendar
Display Issue on Block Time in Flight Log
APIS Flight Number Resetting for Re-Submission
Leg Status Display Issue
Logging Actual Times from the Calendar
Rounding Up 5 Minute Issue when Manually Editing Flight Times
Regulatory Set: WOCL Flight Duty Period Reduction Calculation
Regulatory Set: Flight Duty Period Limitation for Split Duty
Regulatory Set: Timezone Difference Adjustment 

Tax Calculation Discrepancy among Quote and Invoice Taxes after Manual Tax Edits
Expense Details in Trip Activity Feed 

The following items have been enhanced in the application update: 


Opening Hours
Customize the airport and custom hours at specific airports through the airport directory. Set whether info, warning or critical, so the information is available at the trip level or flags accordingly based on the itinerary details. 

Airport Classification
An operation can create airport categories in Airports > Classifications. These categories are defined by the operation. After created, select the classification on the airport in the airport directory. This allows an operation to automatically display airport classification among documents like a trip sheet for the crew members. 

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