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Create expenses, expense report and submit the report
Create expenses, expense report and submit the report
Once policies are created and applied, and approvers are set, the advanced finance module is ready for use.
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After expense policies are created and approvers are set, users are able to create expense reports and submit the reports for approval. 

This article will cover how to: 

  • create expenses; and

  • add expenses to an expense report; and 

  • submit an expense report for approval



Expenses can be created from a variety of places within the application. A pilot's access is going to be from the My Flights and My Expenses areas while a Scheduler's perspective is from the Trip > Expenses tab. To learn how to add trip expenses through My Flights, access this guide. To add non-trip related expenses through My Expenses, follow these steps. An example might be crew training for a specific aircraft. 

  1. Access My Expenses 

  2. Click Create

3. Set the type of Expense. General, Aircraft or Trip. General or Aircraft types can be tied to events from the calendar. In this example, this is lodging for a crew training event. 

Note: Aircraft and Trip Policies determine what expense categories are available in the drop down. 


  1. Access My Expenses > My Expense Report tab

  2. Click Create 

3. Set the type of Expense Report. General, Aircraft or Trip. If Aircraft is designated, select the applicable tail. The tail selected determines which expenses are available to add to the report. If Trip is set and the trip number is selected, that determines which expenses are available to select.

4. Click Add Expenses

Select All by selecting the top check box. 

5. Click Add Expenses 


To confirm all the expenses comply with the expense policies and rules setup for the operation, click the Check Report option. 

Click the Status indication to view the results of the check. In this example, there is a policy setup that requires a receipt be uploaded to the expense when the total exceeds $150.00. In order to clear this warning, access the expense and upload a receipt. 

Once all items contain a blue info or green check mark indication, the report is ready for submission. 

Click Submit for Review and Submit. The report status changes from Draft to Submitted. 

All expenses added to the expense report change from the Open status to Submitted. 

Once the report is submitted, the assigned approvers receive an email notification informing them there is a new expense report to review. 

Expense reports can be submitted when the trip is in any status or stage, i.e. if the trip is Pending, expenses can be associated to a report and submitted. 

Ref: F-F14

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