The following bugs have been addressed in the mobile app update:

My Flights: Legs Intermittently Displaying Causing User to Remove and Re-Install App and/or Log-Out and Back-In
Ability to Log a Leg when Stage is Disabled
APIS Confirmation not Displaying
Error when Opening Trip Sheets
App Version Display in Account Settings
Currency Selection in Expense Entry
NA Selection for Delays
Logging Actual Times for Helicopters
Display in Main Application when Inputting Split Expense through mobile

The following items have been enhanced in the mobile app update: 

All Crew Option when Inputting Duty Records
When inputting duty records for trips, an all crew option is available to easily submit multiple duty records simultaneously.

Weight and Balance Submissions
The log has been updated to allow a user to submit only the weight and balance prior to the log being entered. 

Print Trip Sheets
View and download a PDF quick and easy! Access a flight leg and tap More. Within More is a Files section. 

Username/Password Invalid Communication
If a username or password is inputted incorrectly when attempting to log into the mobile app, a message will display indicating there is a username/password that is invalid.

Submitting Non-Trip Expenses
Create expenses through the main expense area. This section can be used for inputting general, aircraft and trip related expenses. Check out Mobile App 101 for more details.

Duty Check-In and Check-Out
Easily check in and out for trip and non-trip duty assignments. Check out more on this functionality, Mobile App 101

Additional details about the mobile app can be reviewed in the Mobile App Flight Logging 101 guide. 

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