The following items have been addressed in the application maintenance update:

Following Daily Email

Adding Multiple Accounts/Account Types to Master Line Item
Changing Cruise Selection within a Quote

EAPIS Setup: Saving Fax Number
Services: Saving Cancellation Details
Frequency Update for KTRK 

Fuel Surcharge Calculation when Changed from Originally Selected Calculation Method in the Quote
Unable to Create Invoice from Finance > Invoice Page
Upload PDFs to Expenses
Daily Minimum $ Mismatch Between Quote and Invoice
QuickBooks Credit Card Mapping 

The following items have been enhanced in the application update: 


Apply Tax Rate Across Quote
A new option to change the tax rate on a per-quote basis is available. When the button is clicked and a new tax rate selected, users have the option to apply it to the flight charges and/or the additional charges (line items). Refer to this helpful tax guide

Daily Minimum Rate Options
Set a different Daily Minimum Rate from the standard aircraft rate selection. This option is available in both the aircraft and account contract tabs. The contract rate option refers to the hourly rate while the custom options allows to differentiate the rate. Review the Setup Quote Pricing (Contracts) Guide


UK - Signature Frequency Update
All UK Signature frequencies have been updated to reflect the new frequency of 131.615.

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