Finance policies (trip policy)

Checks and balances can now be performed using expense policies. Use this article to guide setup of up the Trip Expense Policy(ies)

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When policies are created and a user creates expenses, Avianis will first look for a trip policies. If none exists, it will then look for an aircraft policies. Lastly, Avianis will check expenses against the Company Policy. This guide covers: 

  • how to create a trip expense policy; and

  • apply a trip policy for a specific aircraft 



To create a trip policy access Finance > Expenses > Expense Policies and click Create. This is the policy against which all expenses/expense reports tied to a trip will be checked. Multiple trip policies can be created, for example a general trip policy as well as policies for specific owners. If creating a trip policy for a specific aircraft, after it's created is when its applied to the aircraft. 

Name: Name of the policy
Receipt Required: The amount at which a receipt is required can be set to the Company Policy or at a custom threshold by toggling to ‘Custom’ and entering the receipt limit amount.
Description: This field is used for elaborating on the use of the policy.
Expense categories: Those selected will become what the crew member has available to select when creating an expense report.
Users for approving expenses: Set a group, personnel or custom role that can approve another personnel's expense report regarding the trip policy. When a group is set, only one personnel within the group must approve the report. The way other group members know the report is approved is by referring to their My Approvals. 


To apply a trip policy for a specific aircraft, access the aircraft profile. My Company > [Select Tail] > Expense Policy and click Create. Select from the available Expense Policies.

Amount Limit: The amount at which the approval process is initiated. If $0 is unchanged, the approval process for the aircraft policy begins when any expense is greater than $0.
Trip Types: The trip type is the condition that determines when this trip policy will be checked. Trip Types are setup in Operations > Settings > Trip Types

Trip policies can be deleted from the aircraft profile.

If they are associated to an aircraft the policy cannot be removed, but they can be made inactive in Finance > Expenses Policies. 

Ref: F-F11

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