Expense rules (aircraft)
Aircraft expense rules are created as a form of checks and balances for those creating aircraft-specific expenses.
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Expense rules are created as a form of checks and balances for those creating expense reports. If the submitter “breaks the rule,” a customized message will pop up, providing more information about the rule. 

Rules can be created as informational, warnings, or critical messages. Depending on the Hard Stop Submission Settings, the submitter may or may not be able to proceed with the expense without being required to submit an override reason.

To set expense rules for an aircraft access the aircraft profile and the policy.

Override Company Rule: Option to select a Company Expense rule which will be overridden by this rule.

Approval Users: If the expense ‘breaks’ the rule and an additional approver is required above and beyond what is set in the policy, this will be the last approver in the list.

Here is an example of a rule: 

Helpful Hint:
In Fall 2018 the application was updated with the expense approval process functionality, all previously created expenses were set in the "draft" status. The convert button allows operations to convert the draft expenses to open, so the expenses can be added to invoices. It is not there to convert "Open" expenses to "Approved."

Ref: F-F13

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