Invoice Billable Expenses
How to add expenses to an invoice to have them marked as billed.
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This article will cover how to:

  • invoice expenses; and 

  • review billed expenses.



Note: Before you can invoice billable expenses, you must first set up in which statuses will be available for invoice (open, submitted, approved). Review where that is set up in Finance: Settings

 1. Access Finance > Invoices and select the Invoice number to open one which has already been created, or select the blue Create button to begin a new Invoice. 

2. A pop-up will require information for the Invoice including:

  • Account - Where the invoice will be directed

  • Status - Set to Draft or Open

  • Invoice Date - Will automatically populate with the current date

  • Due Date - For payment tracking and reference, this field is required

  • Invoice Type - Set to Aircraft or Trip

Based on the invoice type selected, either a list of aircraft or trips will be shown below. If trip is selected, all active trips +/- 30 days of the invoice date will be available to select. 

3. Select an aircraft or trip record by the checkbox and click the green Create button:

4. Once on the Invoice page, in the 'Add to Line Items from the list below' section, Line Items will be available to select from the Itinerary, Quote, or Expenses tab. Mark the checkbox and click the Add to Invoice button to add the Line Item to the Invoice. 

It will then display in the Line Items section above.



Billed Expense Status

Expenses that have been added to an Invoice will automatically be assigned the status of Billed. This is status will change immediately after being added to an Invoice, the status of the invoice does not affect this change. Note: The Billed status may not be manually set or changed from the Expense record.

Billed status Expenses will be shown under Finance [page] > Expenses [tab] > Billed [toggle]:

If an expense is removed from an invoice it will automatically revert back to the last status it was in before set to Billed (e.g. Approved or Open). 

Partially Billed 

An Expense will show with a status of Partially Billed when that Expense is shared. Within an Invoice, this will display with a green checkmark in the Shared column. Clicking the checkmark will display a pop-up with detailed information:

Expenses may be set up as shared by default through the Contract.

Ref: F-F16

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