The following bugs have been addressed in the application maintenance update:

Task Sort Order on Dashboard

User Role Selection in Quote Settings

Error on Crew Check-In Feature when not Inputting Colons
Duplicate Check-In on Calendar after Check-In Event is Edited
Passenger Passport was Able to be Saved Without Expiration Date
Global Flight Planning Engine: Changing Tail on Quote not Triggering Cruise Profile to Update 

Crew Records
Recent Flight Experience Flag and Logbook Entries 

Delete and Add New Buttons not Available on Invoice
Expense Report Submitting
Currency Selected Display in Expense
Unable to Remove Split Expense

The following item has been enhanced in the application update: 


Country Specific Master Line Item
The country line item has been updated to accommodate overhead amounts on each airport line item within the high-level country parent record. Once overhead values are set they're considered in the quote profit analysis calculations. 

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