The following areas of the application have been updated:

Operations Module
FlightAware Integration
Pre/Post Duty Time Adjustment
FBO Vendor Details and Management

Tracking Engine Cycles
Tags on Maintenance Search Pages

Date Format


Here are additional details on each item:


The Operations Module within Avianis has been re-organized for easy access to the essential areas to the core of the operation: Tracking, Trips, TSA Watchlist and more! The module is now composed of the Dashboard, which includes functionality for clear visibility of the operations current and upcoming flights. This module also includes the trip and flight leg search pages, the TSA Watchlist as well as all trip related settings that were previously in the Global Settings > Trip area. 

For more on the updated Operations module, refer to Operations Module: Setup and How to Use.

FlightAware Integration
Setup real-time flight tracking within Avianis through the FlightAware Integration. This add-on service provides visibility through the map and operations dashboard for full situational awareness across the fleet. In addition, customize automated flight tracking notifications on various levels throughout Avianis for efficient communications internally and externally. This feature allows for a more proactive flight and client customer service experience in a fast paced operation! To review the setup and understand all it's feature, access the Setup guide. This service is an additional cost. Please reach out to for pricing details or 888-558-2890, option 1.

Pre/Post Duty Time Adjustment
The operation's domestic and international pre and post duty time settings can be overridden at the leg level. The adjustment applies to the proposed duty times for all crew members assigned to the adjusted leg(s). 

FBO Vendor Details and Vendor Management
Avianis provides vendor information for various types of vendors such as FBOs, Handlers, Supervising Agents, Caterers, and Ground Transportation Providers. This information comes to us via API from a 3rd party provider. We have made several updates to this area of the application to allow for the operation to take ownership of the data and clearly see what is the directory data and the operation's data. Here are the updates: 

1.) Visibility of the FBO/Handler information in the trip overview page.
2.) Ability to create a new FBO vendor in the FBO drop down selection and create a new service vendor in the vendor drop down selection.
3.) When a vendor from the directory listing is marked preferred, a vendor profile is created in the Vendors section. The user can set a preference for that vendor whether it should automatically pull the directory information or the updated vendor information entered by the user.
4.) Access the preferred FBOs/Handlers directly from the trip overview. 

For details on each of these items, refer to this guide.


Tracking Engine Cycles in Tenths
Engine cycles can be base lined and tracked in tenths of a cycle to maintain an accurate engine cycle count which. Typically used for rotor craft.

Tag Filter on Maintenance Searches
Aircraft Tags is an additional filter and display column on the maintenance inspection, job card and discrepancy search pages to allow users the functionality to narrow down these records based on tags tied to the aircraft.

For more on Tags, refer to: General.


Date Format
- An operation can set the preferred date format in both the company and personnel profile. For more detail, refer to Customize Date Format

The following bugs have been addressed:
Avinode Deals not Including Reposition Legs
Empty Leg Times from Avianis to Avinode
Create Form for Airport Hours
Excessive Duty Flag
Event Display on Calendar when Using Show/Hide Crew Option

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