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Vendor details and vendor management
Vendor details and vendor management
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Avianis provides vendor information for various types of vendors such as FBOs, Handlers, Supervising Agents, Caterers, and Ground Transportation Providers. This information comes to us via API from a 3rd party provider. Here are the various functions which allow for the operation to take ownership of the data and clearly see what is the directory data and the operation's data.  

1.) Ability to create a new FBO vendor in the FBO drop down selection and ability to create other service providers such as catering or ground transportation within the services tab without leaving the trip screen. It will automatically link the new vendor to the airport selected within the service record. Vendors can also be created in the Vendors section. More on Adding a vendor to an airport

2.) When a vendor from the directory listing is marked preferred, a vendor profile is created in the Vendors section. Within the Vendor record, you can set a preference for that vendor whether it should automatically pull the directory profile or the updated vendor profile. If set to the Directory Profile the data will continue to come from the Directory, the 3rd party datasource. If Vendor Profile is set, the operation needs to manage the data within the preferred record. See more on How to mark a vendor as preferred

NOTE:  When a trip is created it will refer to the preferred option selected in the vendor record.

3.) Access the preferred FBOs/Handlers vendor record directly from the trip overview.

Ref: O-T03

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