The following bugs have been addressed in the mobile app update:

Duty Log Removal Not Showing In Activity Feed
When a duty record was removed from the mobile app, the activity was not logged in the activity feed in a flight leg or trip.

Collective Hobbs Display Issue
The Collective Hobbs start and end fields were showing in the flight log when an aircraft had Hobbs enabled. These fields should only be displaying when an aircraft is marked as Rotary.

Credit Card Drop Down Options
The credit card drop down was not displaying the cards for all of the crew on the leg, but only the logged in crew member.

Expense Currency Display Issue
The currency symbol was not displaying for expenses created through the mobile app in the main web application.

Event Field Display
When events were entered for a flight log, the VOR-specific fields were displaying for all event types.

Passenger Purpose Display In Leg Purpose
When passengers had purpose selected for legs, those purposes were displayed within the flight log when only leg purpose should be displayed.

Duty Records For Other Crew Displaying In Flight Log
Duty records from other crew members in the organization were displayed that were not on a specific flight leg.

File Download Issue
The download option was not working for files that were uploaded to the flight leg.

Legs Logged Out Of Order
Legs could be logged before previous legs on the trip were logged.

Mobile App Version
The version within the mobile app settings page was not matching the version displayed within the app store.

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