The following areas of the application have been updated: 

Aircraft Time Syncing to Maintenance Integrations

Vendor > Aircraft Record Count
Chalkboard Turn Time
Flight Bridge Fulfillment Notes
Preferred FBO Selection

Credit Card Selection on Expenses 

Taxi Time in Aircraft Profile 



Aircraft Time Sync to Maintenance Integrations
The times for aircraft will only sync for the Maintenance Integrations (e.g. CAMP, CMP, FlightDocs) if they have changed since the last time the times were synced. 


Vendor > Aircraft
Within the aircraft tab on the charter operator vendor profile, the number of aircraft records defaulted have been increased to 100 for easy viewing.

Chalkboard Turn Time
The chalkboard has been updated to allow turn time less than the default set in the aircraft profile in a descending manner. The chalkboard will first refer to the default in the aircraft profile depending on the itinerary situation, but then the user can adjust.

Flight Bridge Fulfillment Notes
Summary Notes and Fulfillment Notes are now shared back to Avianis from Flight Bridge. They will not display in the Services section within the application, but the Avianis Reporting Team can add them to documents such as Trip Sheets and Client Itineraries. Summary Notes are setup by the user in Flight Bridge. Fulfillment Notes are internal notes created by the vendor within the service. 

Preferred FBO Selection
The preferred FBO option was removed from the trip overview page. Various operations provided feedback on the ability to set preferred at the trip level and felt it the setting was too accessible. After further review, we opted to remove the recently provided feature to prevent unwanted changes to FBO preferences.


Credit Card Drop Down Selection
When a trip expense is entered through the Trip, Flight Log, My Expenses, or the main Expense area, the credit card drop down selection will also include cards associated with the logged in user. (Previously only cards associated with the crew or aircraft on the leg and company credit cards.) In addition, if the user has the Finance Manager or Finance Admin role, all credit cards available on the account will display in the drop down.


Taxi Time
The taxi time field was moved from the Flight Time Configuration section to within the aircraft profile tab. 

The following bugs have been addressed: 

Preferred FBO Option in Chalkboard
Removing Lead Passenger from Manifest (5435)
Creating Expense from Service Issue (5919)
Creating Expense from Expense Search Error (6600)
Credit Card Drop Down Display Issue when Flight Leg not Selected (6677)
Application Auto Log Out when Calendar Refresh is Enabled (6532)
Chalkboard: TBD Selection Clearing (6335)
Responsible Party Selection (6256)
Inability to Set NA on Regulatory Set Selection in Trip (6379)
Shared Searches not Available in Manage Search Page (6546)
Split Expense Display on Expense Report (6515)
Activity Feed Details on International Services (6524)
Editing Pilot Name (5692)
Country Distance from Departure on Master Line Item (6675)
Over Riding a Master Line Item (6581)
Over Head Field Not Showing (4867)
Primary Contact on Quote (5184)
Chalkboard: Insert Leg Arrival Time Auto-Set (6949)
Date Display on Uploaded Files (6827)
Safari: Editing Notes within a Trip (6826)
Medical Next Due Date (6907)

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