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Enable 3rd Party Cookies and Cross-Tracking
Enable 3rd Party Cookies and Cross-Tracking
Common fix for integration errors in web browsers.
Written by Marina
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Many of the integrated services with Avianis use third party cookies and cross-tracking, which must be enabled in your browser to work successfully. If you see an error with FulerLinx, error with FlightBridge, error with FlightAware, or error with another Avianis integration - this is a common fix. 

Enable Cookies and Cross-Tracking by Browser

Find instructions to enable 3rd party cookies and cross tracking for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, & iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) below.


When you are logged into your Avianis account, click the Information ( i ) icon to the left of the URL > then click "Turn off Blocking Temporarily". 

To be sure not to encounter the error again, add Avianis to your Permissions. From the '3 lines' in the upper right of the window > click "Options". Select "Privacy and Security" on the left hand menu and set 'Content Blocking' = "Standard", 'Send website a 'Do Not Track' signal' = "Only when Firefox is set to block known trackers", and add the URL of when you are logged into Avianis by clicking "Manage Permissions..." under 'Cookies and Site Data'. 



In the upper left corner of your computer, select "Safari" > "Preferences". 

Under the "Privacy" tab, set 'Cookies and website data' - "Always allow" and have 'Website tracking' - OFF / no check.

If using Safari on a Mac device the Website Tracking setting: Prevent Cross-Site Tracking must be checked (enabled). This is typical for OS X.

Edge (Microsoft Edge)

Click the '3 dots' in the upper right of your Edge window > select 'Settings'.

Go to the Lock icon on the left (for 'Privacy and security') > and select 'Don't block cookies' and be sure 'Send Do Not Track requests' is OFF.



iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad)

Go to the Settings app, scroll down and select "Safari".

The highlighted sections below should all be OFF / white. 

  • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking - OFF

  • Block All Cookies - OFF

  • Ask Websites Not to Track Me - OFF

Ref: A-T20

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