The following bugs have been addressed: 

Preferred FBO Option in Chalkboard
Removing Lead Passenger from Manifest (5435)
Creating Expense from Service Issue (5919)
Creating Expense from Expense Search Error (6600)
Credit Card Drop Down Display Issue when Flight Leg not Selected (6677)
Application Auto Log Out when Calendar Refresh is Enabled (6532)
Chalkboard: TBD Selection Clearing (6335)
Responsible Party Selection (6256)
Inability to Set NA on Regulatory Set Selection in Trip (6379)
Shared Searches not Available in Manage Search Page (6546)
Split Expense Display on Expense Report (6515)
Activity Feed Details on International Services (6524)
Editing Pilot Name (5692)
Country Distance from Departure on Master Line Item (6675)
Over Riding a Master Line Item (6581)
Over Head Field Not Showing (4867)
Primary Contact on Quote (5184)
Chalkboard: Insert Leg Arrival Time Auto-Set (6949)
Date Display on Uploaded Files (6827)
Safari: Editing Notes within a Trip (6826)
Medical Next Due Date (6907) 

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