The following items have been resolved: 

Saving deferral from job card (7118)
Unable to add medical or type rating to vendor pilot (7132)
Snapshot and return to service (6889)
Error saving service with N/A vendor (6847)
Cancel button does not work in international regulatory tab (6857)
Group (lists) can be selected in expenses (6918)
Auto populate account when adding new contact (6895)
Create contract in aircraft (6983)
Old trip search/flight leg search page (6988)
Edit button missing upon creation of new engine (6982)
Personnel events duplicating when adding additional personnel (6978)
Add Grand Cayman to CARICOM (6945)
Preferred option documentation issue in activity feed (6902)
Incorrect night currency flag (7025)
Flight tracking map zig-zag is not accurate (6814)   

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