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Send Info to FlyEasy
Send Info to FlyEasy
How to send your flight information to FlyEasy using a CSV file.
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Avianis does not currently have a direct integration with FlyEasy (like we do with Avinode). But there is an easy way to send flight information from Avianis to use with their application. First create a CSV file of flight information from Avianis, then attach the file in a blank email to your unique FlyEasy email address for Avianis uploads. If you do not have a unique FlyEasy email address, please contact / 1-844-FLY-EASY (359-3279)

Create the FlyEasy Export CSV File

In Avianis, go to: Reports > Operations. Then, in the Operational Reports box (lower right), select the FlyEasy Report from the drop down menu with the desired dates. Click Launch Report. Note: If the FlyEasy Report is not found in the drop down in your account, please contact Avianis Support.

The report will open in a new browser tab. Select the Export CSV text in the upper left corner and download the file. 

Contact FlyEasy Support at: / 1-844-FLY-EASY (359-3279)
to obtain your unique FlyEasy email address for Avianis uploads.

Ref: I-S01

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