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Mobile App Maintenance and Updates (April 2019)
Mobile App Maintenance and Updates (April 2019)
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The following items have been improved or added in this mobile update: 

Expense Attachment Indication
When uploading an image (receipt) to an expense a paperclip icon will display at the top of the expense and on the main expense tab within the trip. If multiple images are attached to an expense, the quantity will display as well. 

Call Phone Numbers
Easily tap the FBO # to quickly call the # listed. Additionally, anytime a phone number is in the Passenger and Crew Services the option to tap the # to call is available. 

Hobbs Time
Current hobbs, total hobbs and engine hobbs will display in the Summary tab when hobbs is enabled in the aircraft Trip/Flight Log Preferences.

Reset Pin
Once logged into the mobile app it can be closed out and not require the user to input their username and password again. If fully closed, it will require you to input your previously created passcode two times. If you've forgotten your pin, tap the reload icon to start the sign in process over again. This requires username and password authentication, then allows you to set a new passcode.

Flight Time and Block Time Values in Log
The proposed flight and block time for the leg displays at the top right of the flight log page. Once actual times are saved, the actual flight and block time displays. 

Duty Time Display
As the duty time is set on a duty entry, the total time displays before the the record is saved for reference. 

My Flights Display by Local Time
Set the ordering of flight legs on the My Flights page by Local or Zulu. When set to Local, the toggle will appear green.

Leg Ordering
The My Flights page will automatically scroll to display the flight legs nearest the current date and time when loaded. 

Camera Communication
When attempting to use the camera feature for the first time within the mobile app, a prompt will display asking the user to grant permission for the Avianis app to use the camera. If Yes is selected, it will automatically take you to [Phone] Settings > Avianis to enable.

FBO Frequencies
The FBO frequencies are included in the summary tab for the departure and arrival airports within each leg.

The following items have been resolved in this mobile update: 

Pin Screen asked Again and Again
Unable to Access Flight Leg after Accepted
Restrict Profile Setting
Intermittent App Crash when Inputting Expenses
Acknowledged Indicator Removed after Sync

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